Bandaged Rubik's Cube

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Idea Conceived

Prototype finished


Original concept

Core puzzle




late 90s?


Dieter Gebhardt / Tony Fisher

Rubik's Cube

5.7 cm / 2.2 inch


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My Siamese Cubes were the inspiration for bandaging puzzles. They are the equivalent to a pair of Rubik's cubes with a 1x1x3 bandaged edge. Dieter Gebhardt was probably the first person who really went into this concept and even wrote a book on the subject.
Dieter designed many bandaged cubes and the one on this page was an idea of his I made in the nineties. It is harder to solve than most puzzles since it is difficult to work a out a solution which applies to any state. To make I simply glued the parts together and filled in the gaps with polyester resin.
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