Giant Wooden Rubik's Cube (14cm)

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Tony Fisher

Rubik's Cube

14 cm /5.5 inch edge


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In 1988 I finished the first of the five oversized Rubik's Cubes I have made. The others are Maxi Rubik's Cube (~ 10cm), Giant Rubik's Cube (19.5cm), Giant Rubik's Cube (18cm) and 27cm Rubik's Cube. My favourite book is the Guinness book of records and I've always had an interest in extremes of things. This was made from a normal Rubik's Cube but extended with kiddies wooden building blocks. It was an experiment really and lead to much better versions in later years.
The puzzle has sat in the back of my shed for more than 20 years and was covered in dust and cobwebs. In addition it had been battered around quite a bit when junk was moved around it over the years. I thought about cleaning it up and putting new stickers on for these photos but I kind of like it looking old and tatty. It works but is quite stiff.