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Idea Conceived

Prototype finished


Original concept

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7th November 1989


Tony Fisher

Rubik's Cube Cube

5.7, 7 cm / 2.2 , 2.8 inch edges


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For the last ten years or so I believed I must have copied this from Jean-Claude Contantin's catalogue. However having checked my old records I see that I made it just before seeing his catalogue in 1989. In addition I now see that his was slightly different. I have made so many puzzles it's not easy to remember all the details.
Being one of my early experimental puzzles once again it's rather tatty and not really finished. For these photos I tidied it up a bit though it's far from perfect.
I constructed it by first making the two new types of piece by cutting up an old Rubik's Cube and gluing bits together. I then made moulds, possibly out of wax though I don't recall precisely. I then cast the pieces in polyester resin.