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Idea Conceived

Prototype finished


Original concept

Core puzzle




15th October 1990


Jean-Claude Constantin

Rubik's Cube

5.7 cm / 2.2 inch height

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This is one of the very few puzzles that I have copied. I made it in 1990 after seeing it in Jean-Claude's catalogue of puzzles many years ago. His design appears to be based on my Fisher Cube.
It was made by combining parts of Rubik's Cubes with those of an Octagonal Barrel. I can't really remember the quality of mine though I suspect it wasn't great. I was forced to use the same unsatisfactory colours as I had on my original Fisher Cube. This was because no others were available to me at the time. The only photo I have is the one to the left. The other is just a cropped version.
When I made this puzzle I don't recall Jean-Claude having a name for it. I therefore just called it The Cuboid. This was long before I had made any K x L x M cuboids. Nowadays people tend to call it The Case Cube. I don't know whether this was the original name given by Jean-Claude or whether they simply made it up.
I do not own the puzzle any more and it now resides in a collection in Holland.