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Tony Fisher

Micro Rubik's Cube

2 cm / 0.8 inch edge approx

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I've always had a fascination for miniature and over sized objects so it was inevitable that I would make this sooner or later.
I do not own it any more but if I recall correctly the quality was strictly average and I think the stickers were a bit bigger than they should have been. As with several of my puzzles at that time finding something to use for stickers was not easy. This was many years before Cubesmith and online shops. All I could do was see what my local hardware store was selling. Usually they would have rolls of Fablon which was normally used for draw lining. They never ever had orange and I had to settle for a yucky brown instead. I made this puzzle in 1990.  
In 2008 I made a much better version called White Micro Fisher Cube .