Octahedron Skewb Puzzle (Skewb Diamond)

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Idea Conceived

Prototype finished


Original concept

Core puzzle




January 1991


Tony Fisher +


7.7cm / 3 inch


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When I 'invented' and made this in 1991 I had no idea that it had previously been discussed and drawings had appeared in a magazine article a few years earlier. I believe I was the first to make a fully working puzzle though. A few years after I made mine Uwe Meffert produced a factory made version and called it Skewb Diamond. I had nothing to do with this production and still don't know whether he saw mine or had the idea in his head all along.
The version in the photos is just the tatty prototype. In those days I could find no orange or smooth blue so had to make do with less than perfect colours. I went on to make much better quality versions, first in in polyester resin and later in high impact polystyrene plastic sheet.
To buy factory made Skewb Diamonds see below.