3x3x3 Tetrahedron Puzzle

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Prototype finished


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8th April 1991

16th November 2008

Tony Fisher

Rubik's Cube

17.8cm / 7 inch


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This experimental / prototype puzzle had been sitting in a box untouched for 17 years. Although movement is pretty good, it's enormous, weighs a ton and looks dreadful. To be honest I never intended to show it to anyone.
I made it purely as an experiment to see how a regular Rubik's Cube would look if transformed into a Tetrahedron. I wasn't bothered about the quality at all. That would come later once I knew what was involved in it's construction. However I never bothered making any more so this is the only one I have to show.
It was made by first roughly building each different part from old Rubik's Cube pieces and probably some other junk. I then made moulds of the the masters in remeltable rubber (Gelflex) and cast the parts in solid polyester resin. I used standard Rubik's Cube style sticker's though the blue has a rough texture.
In recent years many people have also made this puzzle. Nowadays most people call it the Mastermorphix. Personally I prefer straightforward descriptive names for puzzle transformations but since I never revealed mine until 2008 I can't blame people for naming it what ever they want.