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Idea Conceived

Prototype finished


Original concept

Core puzzle




1995 / 1996 ?


Tony Fisher


3.6cm / 1.4 inch


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The photos show my first and somewhat neglected Dodecahedron that I made in the mid nineties. The story regarding it is very similar to that of my Octahedron Skewb. I thought up the idea by myself but later discovered the concept was well known and was originally called Pyraminx Ball. I believe I was the first to make a fully working sample though. Like my Octahedron it was also produced years later by Uwe Meffert under a different name (Skewb Ultimate). Neither puzzle was discussed with me and I don't know if mine influenced his production decision. 
I made it from polyester resin using remeltable (Gelflex) rubber moulds. The pieces were cast hollow and if I recall correctly this was the first time I had implemented hollow moulding. This technique worked well and the puzzle was lighter than many of my previous ones. Rotational movement was pretty good. At this time in 1995 I was developing a liking for Skewb transformations. This was for a number of reasons. Mainly because after transforming just 14 pieces you usually ended up with a good quality new puzzle.
As with my 3x3x3 Dodecahedron I used six colours doubling up on opposite sides. They were Rubik's Cube style but with the textured blue.
The factory made version is available below.