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29th June 1996


Tony Fisher


5cm / 2 inch


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I originally called this a Mini Octahedron. Later I renamed it Octaminx. Uwe Meffert started the trend of using 'minx' within puzzle names and many builders including myself followed. Although the reason for using the term is unclear it makes the process of naming much easier. Plus anyone interested in puzzles will instantly recognise words like Octaminx as a puzzle whereas Mini Octahedron is more ambiguous.
My Octaminx can be made either from a Meffert's Pyraminx or Tetraminx. I chose a Tetraminx since there's no corners to get rid of. To make, it is a simple cut down with no addition parts required. It is necessary though to shorten the screws and remove the ball bearings. I have used Skewb style stickers with four colours, doubling up on opposite faces.
Rotational movement is pretty good though I guess it could look a little better. I haven't made one of these for several years and would certainly make a better job now.
I made it in 1996 and then In 1999 Dieter Gebhardt suggested that I made my Truncated Octaminx.