Triamese 5x5x5 Cubes Puzzle

Idea Conceived

Prototype finished


Original concept

Core puzzle



~ Aug 1996


Tony Fisher

3 x Professor Cubes / Rubik's Wahns

4.2, 7cm / 1.7, 2.8 inch edges

Whenever I make a Siamese puzzle it's always tempting to add a third puzzle. In this case I did. I had made a few Siamese 5x5x5s already and decided to make this triamese or triplet version in 1996. As stated elsewhere a siamese puzzle (in most cases) is the equivalent to two bandaged puzzles so they are new solving challenges as well as looking nice. Introducing a third puzzle adds an additional challenge since the middle one has two bandages and can't be solved the same way as the other two. Naturally my Triamese 5x5x5s were made in a similar fashion to my Siamese 5x5x5s. I only ever made two of them and they weighed a ton.