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~ Nov 1997

'1997' + 2009

Norman Diamond +

5x5x5 Professor Cubes

7cm / 2.8 inch edge


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My Siamese Cubes were the inspiration for bandaging puzzles. This is because they are the equivalent to a pair of cubes with  a 1x1x3 bandaged edge. Dieter Gebhardt was probably the first person who really went into this concept and even wrote a book on the subject.
Another well known name in the puzzle world who was interested in bandaged puzzles was Norman Diamond. In 1997 he asked me to make him a number of Bandaged 5x5x5s that he had designed. The only photos I have are the poor quality ones on this page. 
I have little interest in bandaged puzzles personally but they can be some of the hardest to solve. There are several ways to bandage a puzzle and the easiest would be to simply add Sellotape. However I wanted the puzzles to have a professional looking finish so I glued the parts together and filled in the grooves and gaps with polyester resin. This should have been a simple task but I ran into the same problem I had when making my Siamese 5x5x5s. The 5x5x5 professor Cube is similar to the 4x4x4 Master Cube in that each cubie undulates quite a bit when a side is rotated. This means if you start gluing them together the puzzle becomes very stiff and internal sanding is required. Eastsheen Cubes are not like this and would have been far more suitable. Unfortunately they hadn't been made in those days.