Combined Skewb and Octahedron Puzzle

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Tony Fisher


2.8cm / 1.1 inch and 3.8cm / 1.5 inch edges


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To make this now would simply be a case of combining the parts of a Skewb and a Skewb Diamond. Nothing else is required and for that reason I will never bother again. In 1998 however it wasn't quite that easy since the Skewb Diamond hadn't yet been factory made. I had previously made them myself though and chose the name Octahedron Skewb. It was made by adding polyester resin pyramids to the square Skewb middles and then truncating the corners. For my Combined Octahedron and Skewb puzzle all I needed was those six pyramid middles.
Quality is pretty good as you would expect since I never interfered with the Skewb mechanism. I used Rubik's Cube style stickers for the Octahedron parts and Skewb type for the untouched Skewb parts.