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The Resistance Puzzle
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The Resistance Puzzle

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My original Truncated Octahedron

My original Truncated Octahedron

My original Truncated Octahedron

The Resistance Puzzle

The Resistance Puzzle

The Resistance Puzzle

The Resistance Puzzle

The Resistance Puzzle

The Resistance Puzzle

The Skewb Hex

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Idea Conceived

Prototype finished


Original concept

Core puzzle



3rd May 1999

29th May 1999

6th October 2002

Tony Fisher


2.5 cm / 1 inch


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The Resistance Puzzle (official Muse version)- At present (June 2010) is only on sale from the UK Muse Website. They will post to anywhere in the world. The price is £15 plus postage (about £9.50 for USA).
The Skewb Hex (Plain colour version)- Is available from Meffert's. Select "Meffert's Puzzles" from list.

In 1991 I made my Octahedron Skewb puzzle. This was long before Uwe Meffert's similar Skewb Diamond came out. In 1999 I made this truncated version. It was made by first flattening all eight Skewb corners and then building onto each of the six middle square pieces. I used remeltable rubber (Gelflex) moulds and then cast the new add-on pieces in polyester resin.
The quality is pretty good and as you would expect it has the same rotational movement as the Skewb it was made from. Standard Rubik's Cube style stickers were used. On the hexagonal sides I used four colours doubling up on opposite faces- blue, red, white and yellow. On the six square faces I used green.
On 10th February 2010 I was contacted by UK rock group MUSE's merchandise company. They told me they were looking for a "very special product" to sell on the band's tour. They told me how their Resistance album artwork was based on hexagons and they were looking for a puzzle with the same theme. I can only assume they Googled 'hexagon' and 'puzzle' and ended up on this page.
They wanted a few thousand and to sell them at normal shop prices. This presented a slight problem for me since there is no way I could complete such an order. However I knew a man who could.
Over a few months Uwe Meffert, the merchandise company, MUSE and myself worked towards the final product. There was the manufacture of the actual puzzle plus artwork and suitable packaging to sort out.
Finally The Resistance Puzzle (named after their album and 2010 tour) was finished and shipped in May. It was scheduled to go on sale first in Switzerland at their concert in Stade De Suisse on 2nd June 2010.
Uwe Meffert also released a plain coloured version of this puzzle at the same time calling it The Skewb Hex. See last photo.