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Idea Conceived

Prototype finished


Original concept

Core puzzle




February 2002


Tony Fisher


4.5cm / 1.8 inch edge


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This is a very rough and experimental puzzle I made from a Tetraminx (truncated Pyraminx) in 2002. I basically just wanted to see if the concept works so I was not too bothered about the finish. That would come later. The puzzle was made using a combination of old Skewb corners, polyester resin and high impact polystyrene sheet.
This is quite a strange puzzle and several people had told me it was impossible to make. This is because of the way some pieces meet at the corners. In theory these pieces need to have no thickness. I solved this problem simply by leaving small gaps and using thin plastic. You can clearly see this in the photo to the left.
Movement is ok but adjustment is needed. Standard Rubik's Cube style stickers were used. One day I will probably finish this project and make some more. Other Tetraminx puzzle transformations I have made include my Octaminx and Truncated Octaminx.