5x5x5 Truncated Cuboctahedron Puzzle

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1st April 2005

2nd April 2005

Tony Fisher

5x5x5 Professor Cube / Rubik's Wahn

1cm / 0.4 inch , 3.9cm / 1.5 inch edges


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This puzzle came about by accident. I was trying to make a cuboctahedron from a 5x5x5 but started cutting in the wrong place. I thought I might as well continue and see what happened. In those days I never owned a Dremel so it was shaped using a saw, files and sand paper. I think the resulting puzzle looks really good but unfortunately movement is awful. The truncation goes just a little bit too deep and affects the mechanism. It's a bit like my first 4x4x4 Ball. When sides are rotated some of the small parts twist, hindering movement greatly.
I have used standard Rubik's Cube style stickers.