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25th March 2005

10th April 2005

10th April 2005

Tony Fisher


1.9 cm / 0.7 inch


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This was made from one of the newer Meffert's Dogics. I have simply cut all the corners off to form a shape known as a truncated icosahedron. Further truncation of this shape makes an Icosidodecahedron which was used on my Skewb transformation- Icosidodecahedron and my Pyraminx Crystal transformation- Icosidodecaminx. I am not sure if that shape would work for a Dogic though.
I am disappointed with the quality of this puzzle since it flies apart very easily when turned. I believe this is a fault in the new Dogics. It is widely known that they tend to do this and cutting one down certainly doesn't help. I believe if I had used one of the original ultra rare Dogics it would be fine.
For colouring I have used standard Rubik's Cube style stickers. Because of the tiny size of some I find they come off pretty easily and when I get round to it I will super glue each one on. To solve it is more difficult than a Dogic since normally hidden parts are now on the surface and have stickers.
In 2011 I made a simpler version of this puzzle I called Junior Truncated Dogic.