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Prototype finished


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14th November 2005

14th October 2007

Tony Fisher


1.6 cm / 0.6 inch edge


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This is a Dogic transformation though I have not made full use of all the pieces so it does not have the same functionality as a Dogic. It can be seen as a bandaged Dogic or equivalent to an Impossiball. It is quite similar to the Rhombic Triacontahedron. The shape consists of 120 identical rhombi. I have been trying to find some reference to this shape but Mathworld tells me it may be something new. There is a formula for naming shapes and I believe it would be called a Rhombic Hectoicosahedron though I am not certain. The closest thing I could find was the Rhombic Enneacontahedron. It looks similar but is actually quite different since is has no concave areas like mine.
The 120 sides has 180 Rubik's Cube style stickers. Twelve colours were used. Each occurs on five convex plus five concave sides. I took a long time deciding on how to colour it but I eventually came up with this design. Unfortunately I believe with use the 'corner' stickers will peel back. Rotational movement is ok though a little stiff.
This was one of the first puzzles I made with polyurethane resin. It's more accurate than polyester resin but has it's drawbacks (sticker bubbling, difficult to get smooth and totally black etc). I like this puzzle a lot but am a little disappointed with it's quality.