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Idea Conceived

Prototype finished

Revealed (plain)
Revealed (picture)

Original concept

Core puzzle




~ February 2006

15th October 2006
26th April 2009

Tony Fisher

Rainbow Cube

2.7cm / 1 inch and 1.9 cm / 0.7 inch edges


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I made both these versions in 2006. The one with dinosaur pictures I consider a failure. This is because I used covered printed paper which unfortunately comes off after a few moves. For that reason I did not show it to anyone until 2009. The images are identical to those you find on original Dino Cubes.
The movement of both puzzles is very good and I can find little fault with the plain version. They were made from Rainbow Cubes. I used the name Dino-Trunc however since they resemble truncated Dino Cubes. The transformation was done entirely by hand and I have used standard Rubik's Cube style stickers on the plain version and partly on the other.