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Prototype finished


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24th March 2006

~April 2006

15th October 2006

Tony Fisher

Puck Puzzle

5.4 cm / 2.1 inch edge


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This is a transformation of a Puck Puzzle. The main body of the Puck has become the middle layer of my cube. I have then extended the Puck's middle semi circles to form the top and bottom layers. The transformation was done by hand and the new pieces were made from high impact polystyrene plastic. On a regular Puck Puzzle the semi circular areas are fixed on opposite sides. This means on my Puckube the top and bottom rows are also fixed and cannot move independent of each other. However these four pieces can still be partially mixed.
For colouring I have used regular Rubik's Cube style stickers with red opposite orange, blue opposite green and white opposite yellow.