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10th June 2006

~11th June 2006

12th June 2006

Tony Fisher

Micro Rubik's Cube (20mm)

1.5 cm / 0.6 inch edge


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This is probably the smallest Rubik's Cube type puzzle transformation in the world. Dimension wise it is the smallest I have created though my Micro White 3x3x3 Ball has a smaller volume. Jason Smith made a smaller correctly proportioned Rubik's Cube from scratch but it broke almost immediately. The quality of my Nano Cube is pretty good and it's perfectly usable though quite fragile.
It was made by cutting a 20mm factory made Rubik's Cube down to the absolute limit. With puzzles this size the hardest part is often getting a nice finish and doing the stickers.
The smallest factory made Rubik's Cube is 19mm. The biggest Rubik's Cube I have made is my 19.5cm Giant.