Nesting Cubes Puzzle

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Idea Conceived

Prototype finished


Original concept

Core puzzle



21st February 2007

26th February 2007

14th October 2007

Tony Fisher


3.6 cm / 1.4 inch


The 3x3x3 cubies on this puzzle are simulated so they don't get mixed when the puzzle is scrambled. The idea is to pair up the same coloured 'Rubik's Cube' sides. The first (main) picture shows it solved and the fifth shows it fully scrambled. Six basic colours were used. Each occurs on ten sides. It has 60 sides and 360 stickers. Thanks to Cubesmith. Movement is pretty good. The single master was made from a mini Rubik's Cube and Dogic parts. Silicone rubber moulds were then used to cast the actual pieces in polyurethane resin. The other internal pieces are unchanged Dogic parts.
Although it was made from a Dogic it does not have the full functionality of one. It is more comparable to an impossiball or bandaged Dogic in terms of movement and solving. I made it in 2007.