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27th September 2007

January 2008

6th April 2008

Tony fisher

Rubik's Cube

Varying edge sizes


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This was made in 2008 from a normal Rubik's Cube. Most of my puzzles are very regular with precise angles and edge positions. However I wanted this puzzle to be totally different. When I started to shape it I had no idea how it would look when finished. I didn't even know how many sides it would have. I just pretty much cut where I felt like. The only thing I had to think about was not going too deep and messing up the mechanism.
It ended up with 12 completely different shaped sides. Each of which I gave a separate colour. Because of it's random shape one colour would have been enough. In fact one colour would have made it harder but I prefer the way it looks as it is.
To solve, it's just like a super Rubik's Cube though because of the weird shapes you can easily lose track.