4x4x4 Ball (2008) Puzzle

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16th February 2008

16th February 2008

Tony Fisher

Eastsheen 4x4x4

8.8cm / 3.5 inches Diameter


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Several years ago I made my 4x4x4 Ball from a 4x4x4 Master Cube puzzle. Quality was not good since I cut down the cube just a little too much. It was a good learning exercise though. In 2008 I made a new version which you can see here. This time I used a 4x4x4 Eastsheen cube and instead of cutting it down I built onto it. I am very happy with the resulting puzzle. It's quite large but movement is very smooth and I have yet to find any problems with it. It was made by hand without the use of rapid prototyping.
I have used the exact same high quality textured stickers that you get on Meffert's Skewb puzzles. These work better than standard Rubik's Cube style stickers on a curved surface. I used blue opposite green, pink opposite yellow and bright orange opposite the dull sandy orange. It's not obvious how to colour a spherical puzzle but simulating a cube seems to work pretty well.
Since making this ball I have also made a 7x7x7 V-Ball and an 11x11x11 V-Ball.