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14th March 2008

22nd March 2008

22nd March 2008

Tony Fisher

Rubik's Cube

5.7cm / 2.25 inch edge


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I finished this puzzle just after the Pyraminx Ultimate in 2008. It came about by accident really and I never intended on making one. The Pyraminx Ultimate was made by extending a regular Rubik's Cube in all six directions in a fully functional way. As a by product of this process I had all the moulds required to make a Cross Cube also. In fact during the making of the Pyraminx Ultimate if I had any spare mixed resin I simply threw it into one of those extra moulds. By the time I finished the Ultimate I almost had enough pieces for my Cross Cube. Only a few more castings were required.
For some reason this puzzle really appeals to me. I think it's because it's so much like a Rubik's Cube yet quite different. As you may have guessed rotational movement is similar to my Pyraminx Ultimate though at least with the Cross Cube you can turn it more easily because of it's shape. It has nice square sides to grab hold of.
My Cross Cube is equivalent to a (semi super) 5x5x5 ignoring the corners and edges. I have used Rubik's Cube style stickers on this puzzle.
It was made without the use of rapid prototyping (3D printing). You may have seen photos of puzzles that look like my Cross Cube before. However none of these are fully functional and I believe this to be a world's first.
In 2013 Calvin massed produced this puzzle and you can buy special hand signed ones from me here.