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V1- (mine) 14th Feb 2007

V2- (mine) 16th May 2008

V1- (mine) 28th Feb 2007

V2- (mine) 19th Oct 2008

V1- Tyler Fox

V2- Tyler Fox

V1- Chinese Megaminx

V2- Chinese Megaminx

V1- 5cm / 2 inch edge

V2- 4.2cm / 1.6 inch edge


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Both of the Gigaminxes that I have made are down to Tyler Fox. Without his masters I could never have made them. All I have done is make moulds and copied his pieces. I purchased the first set from Tyler in an eBay auction. I was so determined to win I even adopted the ebay user name of "Gigaminxwinner". This first set were used for the bigger of the two which became known as V1. Although this puzzle works I was never really happy with it's quality. Movement is quite awkward. I would rate it around 2 out of 10. Being a perfectionist Tyler set about making an improved smaller version. This time he employed the help of Geert Hellings who had access to a special 3d printing machine. It was from Geert that I got a new set of masters enabling me to construct a V2 Gigaminx. This one is much better than the first and is very usable. There are still some movement issues though and I would give it 6 out of 10 for rotational quality.
Update: I took the V2 to the Dutch Cube Day in October 2008. At the event a lady called Laetitia Lemoine solved my puzzle and wore it in nicely. Rotational movement is now good.
All single Gigaminx photos on this page are of the version 2.
Factory made Gigaminxes are available here.