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1st February 2009

18th October 2009

Tony Fisher

Mini Skewb

4.5 cm / 1.8 inch edge

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Having made my original Golden Cube back in 1999, for many years I contemplated a mini version constructed from a mini Skewb. However it was only in 2009 that I actually got round to making one. It came about after discussions with Uwe Meffert. When the factory made Golden Cube was being planned, it was going to be the smaller size with a Mini Skewb core. However Uwe abandoned the idea do to the fragility of his Mini Skewbs. As you will know he went onto to make several full sized versions instead.
I personally felt that a Mini Golden Cube would be ok so I set about making it myself by hand. I really couldn't be bothered with working out all the angles or attempting to transfer them from my regular Golden Cube though. It was much more fun to build some random shapes onto a Mini Skewb and attack the thing with my trusty Dremel. I had a normal Golden Cube in view at all times and gradually cut it into an exact mini version. Ignoring the size the resulting puzzle is actually closer to my original Golden Cube than Uwe Meffert's factory made versions are. On mine I have kept the symmetrical triangular piece with no obvious correct orientation whereas Uwe did not. Mine also follows the precise dissection lines of the original unlike Uwe's. I was also able to use the exact same golden stickers though missed out the smallest.
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