Fully Functional Micro 2x2x3 Puzzle

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31st January 2009

20th February 2009

October 2009

Tony Fisher

Micro Rubik's Cube

2.1 x 2.1 x 3.2cm / 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.2 inch

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This is another miniature I made from a 1.9cm white Micro Rubik's Cube I obtained in 2008. As with all my puzzles it is fully functional and despite reports elsewhere this is the first time I have ever made a 2x2x3 Cuboid of any sort.
The quality is pretty good considering it's size though I am guessing quite fragile. As with the other miniatures it was somewhat fiddly to make.
I have gone for standard Rubik's Cube style stickers. I have put blue opposite white, red opposite orange and yellow opposite green. I believe this colour scheme works better on cuboid puzzles.
The puzzle can't change shape since it doesn't obey the cuboid shape changing rule-
"A cuboid is capable of shape changing when ( two or more edge unit lengths are different and odd ) or ( two or more edge unit lengths are different and even ) excluding cuboids with a side of one."
In total I have made twelve fully functional cuboids. They are- 2x2x3 (micro), 2x2x4, 2x2x6, 2x2x7, 2x3x4, 3x3x4 (large), 3x3x4 (medium), 3x3x5, 3x4x4, 4x4x5, 4x4x6. 5x5x6.