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~11th June 2009

13th June 2009

14th June 2009

Tony Fisher

Factory Golden Cube

5.6 cm / 2.2 inch edge

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This is a cuboctahedral transformation of a black plastic factory made version of my Golden Cube transformation of a Skewb. I made it in 2009 shortly after my Golden Cube was produced my Uwe Meffert. No one else had used this puzzle for a transformation so I decided to use one myself. I don't really want to cut up loads of Golden Cubes so probably won't make any more.
I wasn't sure how to colour it and only chose Rubik's Cube style stickers because they look nice. I used 14 colours, one for each side. Given it one colour would make it far more difficult to solve though. I believe it would be slightly trickier than the Golden Cube it was made from since a cuboctahedron is not so easy to 'find' within the mixed up puzzle. In addition two of the pieces are almost identical in shape. This adds to the normal half turn start and near equilateral triangle it shares with my Golden Cube.