27cm Rubik's Cube

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21st February 2010

2nd March 2010

Tony Fisher / Erno Rubik

Jumbo Rubik's Cube

27cm / 10.6 inch side

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This is the biggest of five giant Rubik's Cubes I have made. The others are Maxi Rubik's Cube (~10cm), Giant Rubik's Cube (19.5cm), Giant Rubik's Cube (14cm) and Giant Rubik's Cube (18cm). I constructed it from one of those factory made 9cm Jumbo Cubes. I wanted to see how large I could make one using this technique. Because of the strain on the mechanism I believe I have pretty much reached the limit. Larger ones are of course possible but most likely they would need a completely custom made mechanism.
The video and final two photos are from a forum post where I used the puzzle to give the illusion that it is much bigger than it really is. No camera tricks or photoshopping was used.
The largest commercially available cube has an edge of 10cm. See below.