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31st May 2010

17th July 2010

18th July 2010

Tony fisher

Gear Cube

3.8 cm / 1.5 inch edge


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This is my transformation of the Gear Cube puzzle that Uwe Meffert mass produced in 2010. That in turn is based on Oskar van Deventer's amazing Caution Cube.
All work was done by hand and I am very pleased with the resulting puzzle. It moves really well though I fear it may by a little fragile. I suspect rough treatment may dislodge the actual gears.
I wanted to have just one colour per side but that would've made the gears completely pointless. For that reason I have used a total of 24 colours which I am amazed I actually had. Each side is split in two so the gears must be rotated correctly. I believe the puzzle is equivalent to a fully (additionally) stickered super Gear Cube to solve.
It always remains a rhombic dodecahedron and doesn't change shape like a Gear Cube.
In 2013 a KO version of my puzzle was mass produced. After intervention by Uwe Meffert the company was forced to pay Oskar royalties for use of the patented mechanism and to add appropriate signature stickers. If you purchase the puzzle through the below link, both Oskar and myself receive the royalties we are owed.