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19th January 2011

19th January 2011

Tony Fisher

Meffert's Dogic

1.9 cm / 0.7 inch


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This is a simplified (or bandaged) version of my Truncated Dogic. That puzzle was disappointing since it is very prone to popping. That's because it was made from a Meffert's Dogic which has the same problem and I only made it worse by cutting down some of the parts. My Junior version is also made from a Meffert's Dogic but the modified parts are all quite large resulting in a very stable puzzles.
To make the puzzle I had to cut down the centre parts attached to the Dogic core and shorten the screws and springs. I also needed to create two new parts. These were made by cutting down and gluing together a number of existing Dogic parts. I then filled in any gaps with Milliput and made moulds in silicone rubber. I cast the actually parts to be used on the puzzle in polyurethane resin.
To solve it is the same as a Megaminx.
At present this is a one off. I may make one or two more eventually to auction but the rarity of Dogics makes it unlikely.