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Large Container
8th April 1998
Mini Container
April 2006
Medium Container
9th April 2006
Mini White Container
May 2006
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In 1998 Dieter Gebhardt suggested that I made Jean-Claude Constantin's Container puzzle (with permission). This puzzle appeared as a sketch in Jean-Claude's catalogue. The catalogue contains puzzles that Jean-Claude had either made or was willing to make for a fee. I am pretty certain though that he never got round to making the Container. My two pictures below show that page from his catalogue as well as Jean-Claude himself.
My first attempt at his Container in 1998 resulted in a very large and heavy puzzle. I had used remeltable rubber (Gelflex) moulds and cast pieces out of polyester resin. The pieces were hollow though not hollow enough to make a significant difference to the weight. It worked very well but I was never happy with it. Normal Rubik's Cube style stickers were used with red opposite orange, green opposite blue and white opposite yellow.
It wasn't until 2006 that I made another attempt at this puzzle. I had started to use high impact polystyrene plastic sheet for some of my puzzles and felt my techniques had improved enough to give it a second shot. This time I used a mini Skewb and the resulting Mini Container was predictably much smaller and lighter. However the problem this time was that it was very loose and lacked that pleasing click that a regular Skewb has after each completed move.
That same month I made my third attempt. This time I went back to a regular Skewb for the nice movement. I first cut it down though which made it possible for the Container to be smaller than my first one. Coupled with plastic sheet for lightness at last I created a Container puzzle I was truly happy with. It looks good and it moves well so mission accomplished.
The following month I decided to experiment with a white version. This was the first ever I had made a white puzzle and wasn't sure what the finish would be like. Although I was able to use white high impact polystyrene sheet the seams looked grey and dirty. I tried painting it and that initially seemed to work. However with use many areas became dirty. It moves really well just like the black medium ones but other than that I was a bit disappointed. I used the same sticker colouring except I replaced the single white sticker with a black one.





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