Copying my Tony Fisher puzzles

I politely request that you do not copy my puzzles to sell (or swap) unless they appear in the list below. This request is based on a general respect puzzle makers have for each others work. I would never copy someone else's work without permission and all I ask is the same. Unfortunately a minority of companies and people do not care about ethics so for those I will state that all my work is protected by copyright and some by patents (held by Uwe Meffert). Unauthorised copying will result in court action, taking down of auctions etc. My videos and photos are also copyright protected. Any videos copied and re-uploaded to YouTube, Daily Motion etc will be taken down. Please contact me if you wish to use one of my photos on your website or social media. Any use without permission is a copyright violation and in most cases I will get it removed.
Regarding copying puzzles in general, I would strongly urge people to work on original designs. It's far more satisfying and likely to get a higher price if your intention is to sell.
Please note that the list below contains a few puzzles 'owned' by others who may object to you copying them. I suggest you research any puzzle and seek permission where necessary.




Allowed list 

                                              Gear Tetraminx (construction tutorial video)
Cubic 7x7x7
Giant 2x2x2
66mm 6x6x6
All Cuboids apart from Cubie 1+2
Flop Easy
Master Skewb
Micro + Giant Skewbs
Truncated Face Turning Octahedron
Giant Rubik's Cubes
7x7x7 Ball
Micro 3x3x3 Ball
Gigaminx 1+2
Cross Cube
Pyraminx Ultimate
4x4x4 Balls
White Megaminx
Nano Cube
Icosahedron Megaminx
2x2x2 Icosahedron
Rhombic Triacontahedron
Combined Octahedron and Skewb
Bandaged 5x5x5s
Siamese 2x2x2 Triplets
Bandaged Fisher Cube
Dodecahedron Skewb
Tetrahedron Skewb
Tetrahedron 3x3x3
Octahedron Skewb
Case Cube
Rhombus Prism
Luminous Cube
Bandaged 3x3x3
Truncated Tetrahedron




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