2009 Dutch Cube Day

The 2009 Dutch Cube Day was a truly amazing event. For the first time I was able to meet not only Erno Rubik but Uwe Meffert and Peter Sebesteny. It was held at the Mikrocentrum in Eindhoven on 18th October. Dutch Cube Day was originally just for members of The Nederlandse Kubus Club but now many others attend and it also includes the Dutch Open Rubik's Cube championships. I have included some photos and video shot by me below. Thanks to Georges and Frank for some of the pics.


HKnowstore Puzzles

The venue at Mikrocentrum, Eindhoven, Holland

Myself, Uwe Meffert, Erno Rubik and Oskar van Deventer

Carlo Gitt

Georges Helm, Szonja (Erno's daughter), Erno Rubik, Oskar Van Deventer

Hendrik Haak on right

Erno Rubik cuts Laura Greenhill's delicious cake

Christoph Bandelow

Shelley Chang

Luc De Smet with Peter Sebesteny

Myself and Peter Sebesteny


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