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The Cube: The Ultimate Guide to the World's Best selling Puzzle - Secrets, Stories, Solutions
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7x7x7 V-Cube
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Puzzle Books

A selection of books mostly about twisty puzzles. Many are solving books but some are about the puzzles themselves. The one featured in the column left with the video preview covers many different aspects of twisty puzzles. There are puzzle solutions and articles about the history of Rubik's Cube. It also discusses how Rubik's Cube lead to V-Cubes and the popular pastime of custom building puzzles. There's even a page or two about mine so it must be good, right? 
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Highly recommended beginners guide to solving the cube. Scores 5 out of 5 from buyers.
Writing by Dan Harris. One of the leading experts on speed solving (well he was a few years back).
First book to go deeply into the maths of the cube. Ground breaking stuff by David Singmaster in the 80s.
Tells you how to build a Rubik's Cube solving robot out of Lego. How things have changed since I was a nipper!
Covers Rubik's Cubes and lots of other complicated maths stuff.
Great (and very rare) book by Christoph Bandelow who sadly passed away in 2011.
Pretty well rated though I know little about it.
Learn how to solve Rubik's Clock. The world record is under 6 secs so good luck!
Solution book from 1981. I doubt you'll get sub 10 with this.
4x4x4 solution book.
Nothing to do with puzzles as far as I know but looks interesting.
Sounds like a Wikipedia rip to me. Cheaper to Google instead.

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Puzzle Master - Prices in CAD$. Posted from Canada.

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