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MoYu 13x13x13 Rubik's Cube
MoYu 13x13x13
Rubik'c Cube

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The Very Best 3x3x3 Speed Cubes (Badly needs updating)

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Dayan 5 ZhanChi

Until recently the undisputed best speed cube in the world. Mats Valk and Feliks Zemdegs used these to break several world records. Many types are available below including size and colour variations as well as DIYs.
Black Plastic
White Plastic
Coloured plastic
42mm Edge
DIY Black Plastic
DIY White Plastic
50mm Edge
Blue Plastic
Purple Plastic
Yellow Plastic
Orange Plastic
50mm White
 With Black
DIY Coloured
Green Plastic

Gans III version 1

These puzzles have a new style of core known as the "Patented Innovative Octopus Core". It's very different to a regular core and if you buy a DIY version it can be tricky to assemble. For this reason I made an assembly tutorial which you can view here. These cubes are rated as good to excellent.
          Octopus core, screws, springs + spanner set

Gans III version 2

New version of the Gans III. This is 55mm so slightly smaller than the norm. On version 2 some sharp corners inside have been smoothed off giving it a slightly better feel than version 1. People seem to be rating this as very good. Currently I only have the below link to DIY versions.

MoYu WeiLong

Rated as excellent and many prefer it to the Dayan 5 ZhanChi. Certainly the best of the Moyu range and a highly recommended speed cube. Not as many variations available as the Zhanchi though.

MoYu HuanYing

Rated as above average / excellent.

Moyu ChiLong

Very similar to the Moyu Sulong though the edges have small grooves. Since the areas they slide against on the centres and corners are smooth I guess this is to reduce friction. It does however result in a loud puzzle and described by one as "clacky".

MoYu Sulong

Similar to MoYu Chilong but without the edge grooves. Another very good speedcube. Described as "crispier" than the Chilong.

Fangshi (Funs) Shuang Ren version 1

Rated as very good though it locks up a bit. Version 2 is smoother and generally better. However there's a lot of mixed opinions about this and it seems to suit some but not others.

Fangshi (Funs) Shuang Ren version 2

Corner cutting is identical to version 1. Said to be smoother with less lock-ups though. Rated as very good and better than the first.

Maru CX3

Feliks Zemdegs rates this as mediocre. Some like it but generally most agree it's far from perfect.

Dayan 6 Panshi

Described as a cross between the Zhanchi and Lunhui with excellent corner cutting. Rated as good to very good.

Dayan 2 GuHong version 1

Before the Dayan 5 ZhanChi came out this was widely regarded as the best Speedcube available. It came number one in a poll and has been used by multiple world record holder Feliks Zemdegs. The puzzle is incredibly smooth with a large cutting angle. It needs to be tensioned correctly and lubed but once done it's remarkable. 

Dayan 2 GuHong version 2

The Dayan Guhong V2 is very similar to the first and corner cutting is the same. It's slightly heavier though and a little smoother. Fractionally slower than the Zhanchi and less crispy. Popping is extremely rare and caps stay on better than the Zhanchi.

ShengEn FII

The ShengEn FII is a good cube and some say it's better than the Dayan 2 Guhong version 1. It's been described as slick, smooth and quiet. Downsides though are the caps can fall off and the stickers aren't very hard wearing.

Alpha V (Type A)

The Alpha V (Type A) AKA Type A DIY is another recommended cube. It's very fast and cuts corners as well as the Dayan Guhong. This means it's suitable for rougher handling.

Dayan 4 LunHui

The Dayan 4 LunHui is the improved version of the LingYun and is supposed to pop much less because of torpedo shaped pieces inside. Lubrication is recommended.

Dayan 3 LingYun version 1

This puzzle is sold out and I assume discontinued.

Dayan 3 LingYun version 2

The Dayan 3 LingYun is a good very fast speed cube with excellent reverse corner cutting. It's quite loud and has a "bumpy" feel.

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