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My name is Tony Fisher and this website covers the twisty puzzles I have created plus other puzzle related topics. The main photo above shows many of the ones that I have made though the list below is far more comprehensive. Just click on any thumbnail for pages containing information, photos and videos. Most of these puzzles are not for sale but the small number that are can be seen in my Puzzle Store, category - Puzzles by Tony Fisher. The other categories are listed above.
About me-
Inspired by the Rubik's Cube, from 1980 I started to collect all the twisty puzzles that came out. At that time there were very few so I decided to make my own as well. I had no way of making mechanisms and knew nothing about mass production so I took existing puzzles and used them to make new ones. These types of  puzzles are called transformations though today many use the somewhat inappropriate term "mods". Early examples were my Fisher Cube, Siamese Cubes and my Fully Functional 3x3x4. As far as I know I was the first person to make home made twisty puzzles and Wikipedia describes me as a "pioneer in the creation of new puzzle designs and new manufacturing techniques". In later years as my experience grew I was able to make such puzzles as the Petaminx Ball.
In the early part of this century making puzzle transformations became very popular. However when 3D printing started to improve around 2010 many amateur puzzle makers switched from hand made creations to CAD and paying companies like Shapeways to 3D print their puzzle parts. I had little interest in doing this and much prefer the satisfaction of creating something by myself. The only time I seriously used 3D printing was to create my Mini Astrolabacus.
Although puzzle making started very much as a hobby, when people kept asking me to make them stuff it slowly grew into a business. As well as directly selling my own creations I have worked with both Uwe Meffert and Calvin on projects such as the mass produced and highly successful Golden Cube, Pillowed Hexaminx, Xtreme Skewb, Holey Skewb and The Resistance Puzzle for UK rock group Muse along with a few others.
In the contents list above you will see that I have a few other puzzle related pages including some new ones on very special or rare mass produced puzzles which are not in any way related to my own. I have some great photos and videos of these and it seemed a shame not to include them.
Please note: From time to time I make videos and posts on social media to encourage people to think and not take everything on face value. They might be in the form of a hoax or an April Fool's Joke. If you are uncertain if something is real or not then you can always check here since I will NEVER carry the joke onto this site. You might however have to wait a few days until I add the puzzle. 

You can follow me on the usual social media platforms. My YouTube channel for example has over 800 videos including demos, solves, disassemblies, constructions, tutorials, silliness plus exclusive looks at new puzzles before they are officially released. 
September 2017 news- I'm in the 2018 Guinness Book of Records!!


My Puzzle Transformations / Mods / Custom Mades
(Now includes other projects)

12 colour Astrolabacus
14th March 2018
Candle Rubik's Cube
2nd Feb 2018
30th Jan 2018
  Tony Fisher's 6 Colour Astrolabacus Puzzle Tony Fisher's Cheese Rubik's Cube Puzzle Tony Fisher's 6 Colour Astrolabacus Puzzle Tony Fisher's Candle Rubik's Cube Puzzle
Will be revealed soon
Real Ice
Rubik's Cube

19th Dec 2017
Astrolabacus (2nd Gen)
23rd Nov 2017
Compy Ball
6th Nov 2017
Mini Gear Ball
14th Oct 2017
Tony Fisher's ICE Rubik's Cube Tony Fisher's ICE Rubik's Cube Tony Fisher's Astrolabacus puzzle 2nd Generation Black and White Tony Fisher's Astrolabacus puzzle 2nd Generation Tony Fisher's Compy Ball puzzle Tony Fisher's Micro Gear Ball puzzle
Giant Golden Cube
2nd Oct 2017
Clover Ball
29th Jul 2017
Void V-Sphere
24th June 2017
Giant Fidget Spinner
23rd June 2017
9x9x9 Ball in a Cube
13th May 2017
9x9x9 Ball
13th May 2017
Tony Fisher's Golden Cube puzzle Tony Fisher's Void V-Sphere puzzle Tony Fisher's Void V-Sphere puzzle Tony Fisher's Giant Fidget Spinner Tony Fisher's Mini Gear Ball puzzle Tony Fisher's 9x9x9 Ball
Crazy Comet

14th March 2017
Master Pyraminx

11th March 2017
Master Pyraminx

5th February 2017
Giant Master

27th December 2016
Giant Skewb

26th December 2016

29th Sept 2016
Tony Fisher's Open Crazy comet Puzzle Tony Fisher's Open Master Pyraminx Puzzle Tony Fisher's Truncated Master Pyraminx Puzzle Tony Fisher's Giant Master Pyraminx Puzzle Tony Fisher's Giant Skewb Diamond Puzzle Tony Fisher's 3x3x7 Cylinder Puzzle
Twisty Slidy Cube
12th Sept 2016
Giant Megaminx
7th Sept 2016
Bubbloid Barrel
30th July 2016
1st May 2016
1x5x5 Cuboid

27th March 2016
Tony Fisher's Tisty Slidy Puzzle Tony Fisher's Giant Megaminx Puzzle Tony Fisher's Bubbloid Barrel Puzzle Tony Fisher's 5.6mm Rubik's Cube Tony Fisher's Siamesillusion Tony Fisher's Impossible 1x5x5 Cuboid
World's Largest
Rubik's Cube (1.57m)

Guinness World Record
10th February 2016
Insanity Ball
9th December 2015
Ball in a Cube

8th December 2015
Ball in a Cube

22nd November 2015
13x13x13 Ball
13th October 2015
Tony Fisher's Largest Rubik's Cube Puzzle in the world Tony Fisher's Insanity Ball Puzzle Tony Fisher's 7x7x7 Ball in a Cube Puzzle Tony Fisher's Inverted 13x13x13 Ball in a Cube Puzzle Tony Fisher's 13x13x13 Ball in a Cube Puzzle Tony Fisher's 13x13x13 Ball Puzzle
Octaball V2
21st September 2015
September 2015
3x3x9 Ball
22nd Aug 2015
15mm 3x3x3 Ball
11th July 2015
5x5x5 Egg
24th February 2015
Tony Fisher's Octaball V2 Puzzle Tony Fisher's Cyclide Puzzle Tony Fisher's 3x3x9 Ball Puzzle Tony Fisher's 15mm 3x3x3 Ball Puzzle Tony Fisher's 28x28x28 Rubik's Cube Puzzle Tony Fisher's 5x5x5 Egg Puzzle
Mini Astrolabacus
10th October 2014
Giant 4x4x4
Rubik's Cube
8th October 2014
Pyraminx Duo

6th July 2014
Petaminx Ball
15th March 2014
Tony Fisher's Mini Astrolabacus Tony Fisher's Giant 4x4x4 Rubik's Cube Truncated Pyraminx Duo Rubik's Cube 
                        Prototype Replica xxxxxxxxxxxxx Tony Fisher's Petaminx Ball Puzzle
Petaminx in a Bottle
9th February 2014
Black 7x7x7 V-Ball
11th January 2014
11x11x11 Ball
8th January 2014
9th December 2013
7 inch 2x2x2
14th October 2013
9th October 2013
Tony Fisher's Black 7x7x7 V-Ball Puzzle Tony Fisher's Black 7x7x7 V-Ball Puzzle Tony Fisher's 11x11x11 Ball Puzzle Tony Fisher's Cubillusion Puzzle Tony Fisher's 7 inch 2x2x2 Puzzle Tony Fisher's Starpad Puzzle
2nd October 2013
Truncated Pillowed Hexaminx
21st September 2013
Siamese Pillowed Hexaminxes
3rd September 2013
5x5x5 Picture Cube
~22nd July 2013
Giant Tetraminx
13th July 2013
Locked Blocks
14th June 2013
Tony Fisher's Helipad Puzzle Tony Fisher's Truncated Piloowed Hexaminx Tony Fisher's Siamese Pillowed Hexaminxes Puzzle Tony Fisher 5x5x5 Picture Cube Tony Fisher's Giant Tetraminx Puzzle Tony Fisher's Giant Pyraminx Puzzle
Giant Pyraminx
5th June 2013
Siamese Skewb Diamonds
21st May 2013
Twisted Assembly
5th May 2013
6 inch 2x2x2
~16th May 2013
Tony Fisher's Giant Pyraminx Puzzle Tony Fisher's Triamese Skewb Diamonds Puzzle Tony Fisher's Siamese Skewb Diamonds Puzzle Tony Fisher's Slide Twist Twist Slide Puzzle Tony Fisher's Twisted Assembly PuzzleTony Fisher's 6 inch 2x2x2 Puzzle
Triamese 5x5x5s V2
29th Apr 2013
Siamese 5x5x5s V2
24th Apr 2013
Open Twist Ball
19th Apr 2013
Cubie Chaos 2b
13th Mar 2013
Skewb Xtreme
1st Mar 2013
Tony Fisher's Triamese 5x5x5xs Puzzle Tony Fisher's Siamese 5x5x5s V2 Tony Fisher's Open Twist Ball Puzzle Tony Fisher's Siamese 4x4x4s Puzzle Tony Fisher's Cubie Chaos 2b Puzzle Tony Fisher's X Factor / Skewb Xtreme Puzzle
Triple Fused Petaminxes
15th October 2012
Open Petaminx
14th October 2012
Open Gigaminx
1st October 2012
Triamese Void Pentagons
16th Sept 2012
7th Sept 2012
Siamese Void Pentagons
6th Sept 2012
Tony Fisher's Open Petaminx Puzzle Tony Fisher's Open Petaminx Puzzle Tony Fisher's Open Gigaminx Puzzle Tony Fisher's Triamese Void Pentagons Puzzle Tony Fisher's U-Void Puzzle Tony Fisher's Siamese Void Pentagons Puzzle
Extreme Holey Megaminx
5th Sept 2012
Blue Golden Cube
7th June 2012
Peekaboo Cube
30th Mar 2012
Unique 3
17th Mar 2012
7x7x7 Open Bandage
4th Mar 2012
Tony Fisher's Extreme Holey Megaminx Puzzle Tony Fisher's Subatomic Cylinder Cube Puzzle Tony Fisher's Blue Golden Cube Puzzle Tony Fisher's Peekaboo Cube Puzzle Tony Fisher's Unique 3 Puzzle Tony Fisher's 7x7x7 Open Bandage Puzzle
29th Feb 2012
6x6x6 V-Dome
17th Feb 2012
Gear Tetraminx
28th Jan 2012
Cubes on a Disk
6th Sep 2011
22nd May 2011
Holey Mental Block
9th April 2011
Tony Fisher's Octrignis Puzzle Tony Fisher's V-Dome Puzzle
2nd April 2011
13th March 2011
28th February 2011
Junior Truncated Dogic
19th January 2011
Truncated Skewb Kite
30th October 2010
Tony Fisher's Truncated Helicopter Cube puzzle
Gear Change
17th July 2010
Sliding Pucks
23rd February 2010
27cm Rubik's Cube
2nd March 2010
10th December 2009
Cubic 7x7x7
29th September 2009
Unique 2
18th September 2009
Tony Fisher's Gear Change puzzle Tony Fisher's Sliding Pucks puzzle Tony Fisher's 27cm Rubik's Cube puzzle Tony Fisher's 11x11x11 puzzle Tony Fisher's Cubic 7x7x7 puzzle Tony Fisher's Unique 2 puzzle
3rd September 2009
Giant 2x2x2
19th August 2009
25th July 2009
66mm 6x6x6 V-Cube 14th July 2009
Fully Functional 5x5x6
20th June 2009
Truncated Golden Cube
13th June 2009
66mm 6x6x6 Rubik's Cube by Tony Fisher Tony Fisher's Truncated Golden Cube Puzzle
Flop Easy
25th April 2009
Master Skewb
6th April 2009
Void Skewb
22nd March 2009
Siamese 6x6x6 (black)
24th January 2009
7x7x7 V-Sculpture
11th March 2009
Micro 2x2x3
February 2009
Mini Golden Cube
1st February 2009
Siamese 6x6x6 (white)
24th January 2009
24th January 2009
Micro Skewb
23rd January 2009
Void Ball
23rd January 2009
1st January 2009
Truncated FT Octahedron
1st January 2009
Giant (18cm) 3x3x3
30th December 2008

16th November 2008
7x7x7 V-Ball
9th November 2008
7x7x7 Barrel
30th September 2008
Micro White Fisher Cube
22nd September 2008
Not Yet Revealed
19mm 3x3x3 Ball
22nd September 2008
Micro White Siamese Cubes
21st september 2008
Micro White Cylinder Cube
21st September 2008
30th August 2008
6x6x6 Rhombic Dodecahedron
27th June 2008
Gigaminx V2
16th May 2008
Mini 5x5x5 Ball
25th April 2008
Ball In a Cube
25th April 2008
Cross Cube
22nd March 2008
Pyraminx Ultimate
21st March 2008
4x4x4 Ball (2008)
16th February 2008
Fully Functional 2x2x7
19th January 2008
Unique 1
January 2008
10th October 2007
Deltoidal Icositetrahedron
3rd October 2007
White Megaminx
August 2007
Nesting Cubes
26th February 2007
Gigaminx V1
14th February 2008
All Gold Golden Cube
1st December 2006
3rd November 2006
Hexagonal Puckamid
21st October 2006
Giant Skewb
11th August 2006
Nano Cube
~June 2006
Medium White Container
May 2006
Medium Container
9th April 2006
Mini Container
April 2006
~March 2006
~March 2006
~February 2006
Icosahedron Megaminx
~December 2005
14th November 2005
Truncated Dogic
10th April 2005
4x4x4 Ball
2nd April 2005
Truncated Cuboctahedron
1st April 2005
11th June 2005
5x5x5 Rhombic Dodecahedron
29th November 2004
2x2x2 Icosahedron
28th October 2004
Cubie Chaos 2
Cubie Chaos 1
Fully Functional 4x4x6
13th Jan 2004
Rhombic Triacontahedron
Fully Functional 2x2x6
Overlapping Cube
16th November 2003
Fully Functional 3x3x5
27th October 2003
Fully Functional (medium) 3x3x4
8th August 2003
Fully Functional 2x3x4
~20th April 2003
Fully Functional 4x4x5
29th November 2002
Hexagonal Prism
1st April 2002
~February 2002
Giant (19.5cm) 3x3x3
~February 2002
Cylinder Cube
10th July 2001
Golden Cube
21st September 1999
Truncated Octahedron
29th May 1999
Truncated Octaminx
~Jan 1999
Bandaged 4x4x4
Large Container
8th April 1998
Fully Functional 3x4x4
8th February1998
Combined Skewb and Octahedron
Bandaged 5x5x5 (1)
~November 1997
Bandaged 5x5x5 (2)
~November 1997

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Bandaged 5x5x5 (3)
~November 1997
Bandaged 5x5x5 (4)
~November 1997
Bandaged 5x5x5 (5)
~November 1997
Bandaged 5x5x5 (6)
~November 1997
Bandaged 5x5x5 (7)
~November 1997
Maxi (~10cm) 3x3x3
August 1997
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Maxi (~7cm) 2x2x2
August 1997
Siamese 2x2x2 Triplets
February 1997
Bandaged Fisher Cube
November 1996
Mental Block
7th October 1996
Triamese 5x5x5s
~August 1996
29th June 1996
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Skewb Icosahedron
30th May 1996
Siamese 5x5x5s
21st February 1996
Rhombic Dodecahedron
16th January 1996
Siamese Skewbs
~14th December 1995
Skewb Dodecahedron
~ 1995
3x3x3 Dodecahedron
15th June 1995
Fully functional 3x3x4 Large
7th May 1995
3x3x3 Tetrahedron
8th April 1991
Skewb Tetrahedron
March 1991
Skewb Octahedron
January 1991
Mini Fisher Cube
22nd October 1990
Micro Fisher Cube
~ 1990

Cuboid ( Case Cube )
15th October 1990
Rhombus Prism
7th November 1989
Giant wooden (14cm) 3x3x3
Triangular Prism
8th October 1983
Siamese Cubes
~December 1981
triangular prism

Uncertain dates
Blind Man's Cube
1987 ?
Luminous Cube
1987 ?
Bandaged 3x3x3
1999 ?
Mini Luminous Cube
1987 ?
Truncated Pyraminx
1987 ?
Fully Functional 2x2x4
2000 ?
Fisher Cube
?? 1985 ??
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