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Tony Fisher's Twisty Puzzle Store

Puzzles by Tony Fisher

Puzzles for sale which were either personally made by me or mass produced versions. 
They are grouped as follows-

1. Specials- Fixed price puzzles that I am directly selling. Some are hand made and others are signed factory made ones. Free worldwide shipping. Prices in GBP.
2. Ebay auctions when they occur. Prices in GBP. Shipping charged. Worldwide delivery.
3. Third party sellers such as HKnowstore and Amazon etc. Mostly "free" worldwide shipping but not on all items. Prices in US $. Any signatures are printed.  
4. For Canadian buyers.
5. FAQs.
If you have an order enquiry please contact me here . Please note that I do not have any other puzzles for sale at this time.

1. Specials (free shipping)

Approximate exchange rates
13x13x13 Ball
15mm 3x3x3 Ball
Gold Cyclides
Tony Fisher's 13x13x13 Ball   Tony Fisher's 15mm Ball   Tony Fisher's Golden Cube 2 Extreme Puzzle Tony Fisher's 15mm Ball
1800 GBP
50 GBP
65 GBP
150 GBP
This is my hand made transformation of a MoYu 13x13x13 Cube. As far as I know it is the only one in the world. The ball is personally signed and the signature protected. Quality and appearance is good and I am very proud of it. Please watch video for full details.
A hand made transformation of a 15mm Maru Nano Cube involving several hours work with a Dremel and sand paper. Looks good and works well. Too small to sign.
These are 2x2x2 Ghost Dupin Cyclides. I have created 3D printed shells for regular mini Eastsheen 2x2x2s. Please note that they are simply spray painted so the finish is far from great. Movement is pretty good providing they are correctly aligned. Not signed.
Made for the 2016 Dutch Cube Day. It's the sequel to my Cubillusion puzzle. Quality is pretty good and movement identical to the Eastsheen 5x5x5s they are made from. Personally signed.

Siamese 5x5x5s
5x5x5 Picture Cube
Giant 2x2x2
Speed Fisher Cube  
Siamese 5x5x5s   5x5x5 Picture Cube   Tony Fisher's Giant 2x2x2 Rubik's Cube   Tony Fisher's Speed Fisher Cube
33 GBP
26 GBP
180 GBP
16 GBP
Sold Out
I custom made these using Eastsheen 5x5x5s. Movement and general quality is very good. Personally signed.

Stickers designed by myself and professionally printed at Oliver's Stickers. Quality is very good and they are personally signed.
Custom made and personally signed giant 2x2x2s made from Eastsheen 5cm 2x2x2s. Size is 7x7x7 inches or 18x18x18 cm.

Official Speed Fisher Cube manufactured by YJ. Based on their YuLong mechanism and of great quality. Comes in a special picture box which I have personally signed.
3x3x7 Cylinder
Postal Insurance 
Tony Fisher's 13x13x13 Ball  
Orders over 100 GBP
are insured for free!
150 GBP
Sold Out
Custom made from 3x3x7 Cuboids for the 2016 Dutch Cube Day. Movement and general quality is very good. I only have a tiny number left but it's likely I will make a few more sometime. Personally initialled.  
If your order comes to less than 100 GBP you can select this option if you wish to have it insured and fully tracked. Please note that if ordering from outside Europe I need to declare the full value on a customs form in order to get insurance. This means if your parcel is stopped by your customs they may charge you an import fee.
This insurance option is only for puzzles on this page with an "Add to Cart" button.

2. Tony Fisher's Puzzles Currently On Ebay

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3.  Factory made /mass produced versions of Tony Fisher's puzzles from third parties

The puzzles below are sold by third parties. Click on any one and you will be taken to the seller's website where you can read full details and purchase if you wish. None are personally signed though some may carry a printed signature. Shipping arrangements vary.

Some of the images below use iframes which may not show if you are using adblocking.
Use settings to unblock domain-
Tony Fisher's Gear Change
Official 3x3x4 based on my invention from 1995. Black, white or clear plastic.
Black Pillowed Holey Skewb by Tony Fisher & Uwe Meffert
$18. Factory made. White plastic.  Loosely based on my Void Skewb from 2009.
White Pillowed Holey Skewb by Tony Fisher & Uwe Meffert
$18. Factory made. White plastic.  Loosely based on my Void Skewb from 2009.
Black Holey skewb by Tony Fisher & Uwe Meffert
$18. Factory made. Black plastic. Based on my Void Skewb from 2009.
Black plastic Master Pyramorphinx by Tony Fisher & Uwe Meffert
$18. Factory made. Black plastic.  Based on my 3x3x3 Tetrahedron from 1991.
Skewb Diamond by Uwe Meffert
$20. Factory made. Not technically one of mine though I was the first to make one in 1991- Octahedron Skewb.
Skewb Ultimate by Uwe Meffert
$20. Factory made. Not technically one of mine though I was the first to make one in 1996- Dodecahedron Skewb.
Tony Fisher's Gear Change
$18. Factory made. Black plastic. Minimal sticker version. Based on my custom Gear Change from 2010.
Based on my Truncated Octahedron Skewb from 1999. It has Meffert's logo and my name.
Skewb Kite. Based on my Rhombic Dodecahedron Skewb from 1996. It has Meffert's logo and my name.


4.  Other places to buy my puzzles

    Puzzle Master - Prices in CAD$. Posted from Canada. Only factory made versions.

5.  FAQs

Q. Why is this page so confusing?
A. It is a single place where you can see and buy all of my puzzles that are currently available for sale. There are multiple sections because some are hand made, some are factory made, some are available directly from me, some are not and some are on ebay. Without this page you would have to search many sites to find out what is available. If it's not on this page it's not available.

Q. Why are prices so high for your custom made puzzles?
A. The price of a custom made puzzle is typically much higher than a factory made one. This is because of what goes into making one and all the fees and extras selling them. Take my Giant 2x2x2 for example. There are 3 basic factors that make the final price-
  1. Materials- It requires an Eastsheen 2x2x2 core, additional plastic, glue, plastic friendly paint, sheets of sand paper, sticky back coloured vinyl plus a constant turn over of knife blades, masking tape etc.
  2. Wages- Puzzle making is my full time job. I don't expect a huge sum but I am not working for less than minimum wage either, would you? My Giant 2x2x2 takes several hours to make.
  3. Fees & charges- Insured Postage (~20 GBP to USA), PayPal fees (~4%), income tax (20%) etc.  

Q. How do I pay in GBP?
A. PayPal will automatically convert your currency (what ever it is) into GBP. Just click on the "add to cart" button and follow the instructions.

Q. "Free" shipping?
A. There is no such thing as genuine free shipping but most puzzle companies now use the term. All it means is that the postage is included to the price. Even though the total to pay remains the same I know a lot of people who prefer stores that offer it.

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